The Pros and Cons of Being Competitive

Six ways it brings out the best and worst in people.
by Mara Agner   |  Nov 17, 2016
Image: Majoy Siason Art: Clare Magno
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Being competitive, just like many other things in this world, has an advantage and a disadvantage to it—it just depends how you take it. Below are some pros and cons of having the strong desire to win.

Pro: It motivates you to work harder.
Setting your goals higher than your classmate or friend's can help you work harder and as a result, do better. Even if your friend still wins in the end, you won't feel like a sore loser since you know you've done everything you can to achieve your best.

Con: The pressure can get to you.
When you focus too much on the competition and how your classmate or friend is doing, preparing for a simple exam or performance can become too stressful for you that you end up not studying or practicing, which only defeats the purpose of being competitive.

Pro: It's exciting.
Making the competition like a game can be fun especially if there is a reward at stake. It makes working hard less difficult and more enjoyable.


Con: It can put a dent on relationships.
Paying more attention to how you can bring your competitor down instead of how to come out on top is a recipe for ruined friendships. Being keen on one-upping the other party is okay, as long as you keep it friendly.

Pro: You become more focused.
When you know someone else is out to get the spot you're vying for, you channel all your energy into achieving that goal and make it a point to pay more attention, work harder, and become better in all aspects.

Con: You get consumed with bitterness.
Working doubly hard and putting all your efforts on something you eventually end up losing to an opponent sucks. And while resorting to discounting their efforts or blaming other people is quite convenient, it only proves that you didn't deserve to win.

Are you competitive? What do you think are the good things that come out of being competitive?

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