5 Benefits of Having a Girl Squad

by Mira Blancada   |  Apr 23, 2017
Image: Kiana Valenciano | instagram.com/kianavee
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Girl squads are sometimes stereotyped as fabulous yet self-centered (Mean Girls reference, anyone?) when in reality, they're just a group of girls who love to discover new things together and are there for one another. We all need that kind of bond in our lives because the world is too unpredictable to face it alone. We've listed five reasons why having a girl squad is not an accessory, but a necessity.

  1. They dream and grow with you.

Your girl squad will understand your struggles because it's either they've experienced it before or are experiencing it now, too. Your struggles will, in a way, strengthen your bond and will make you grow and be stronger together. When you want to give up chasing your dreams, they're the people who will remind you why you started in the first place.

  1. They let you be your best self.

Spontaneous dance numbers in a public place, wearing sweatpants at the mall, or singing your favorite song even if you don't really have a voice for it... this may be considered weird for some people, but to your friends, it's simply letting you do you. When you do these things, they don't see weird. They see it as being awesome.

  1. They feed your adventurous soul.

Hiking, road trips, and going to places you never knew existed... It's fun doing these things with your fam or your bae, but going with your squad is a whole other level. You have this unspoken understanding that life is too short to not enjoy the ride.

  1. They make your day better.

Life can be pretty boring at times, but you can always count on your squad to fill it with lots of adventures and great memories.  

  1. They're your second family.

Admit it, your girl squad is more updated with your life than your parents because you feel that they can understand you better. While it's still best to keep your 'rents in the know with what's happening with your life, you can always count on your squad to be there for you when things aren't so great at home.

What are you grateful about your girl squad?

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