The Me I Could Be And The Me I Hope To Be

by Julianne Suazo   |  Feb 7, 2014
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I hope you find it in your heart to forgive. Forgive yourself of every shortcoming, every flaw, and every mistake in 2013.  Do anything you can for the things you can still change and come to terms with the things you can't. I need you to let 2013 go and set it free but not forget. I want you to realize that the past is there for a lot of reasons. One of which is to serve as a reminder that it does actually, contrary to popular belief, get better.

I hope you to go after what you want. No more "next time," "soon," and "when I'm ready," because once you've used up all of those excuses, you're left with nothing but regret. The thing about wanting something is that desire consumes a person too much that it leaves no room for courage—the courage to chase after what you want. Too many times that you’ve always settled for less when you know it in your heart that you deserve way more. It's time to stop being content with the idea of "good enough" and start embracing the idea of "not good enough." It's time to stop being the one picking up the pieces of what's left and start being the one who always wants the whole thing.

I hope you learn the difference of difficult times and difficult people. Open your eyes to the reality that, as hard as it may be, cutting off ties with people may be best for you. Set yourself apart from the people weighing you down and even more so from the people who are just pretending to bring you up only to set you up for failure. More importantly, know when the difficult person in the situation is you. Admit to the fact you may have been the one at fault and apologize. Pride is a horrible thing, as much as we like to cling to it as our security blanket as opposed to getting hurt. Pride gets you nothing. Pride won’t be there for you when all else fails. Pride doesn' tell you that everything’s going to be okay. Friends do. Family does. It's about time you let go of your pride.


Above all things, I hope you know that it doesn't take a new set of 365 days to get a clean slate. The best thing about a moment, whether it's embarrassing, horrifying, terrible, or just downright cringe-worthy, is that it's just that... a moment. Moments pass. Moments come and go. What doesn't leave you is what you get from that moment—a memory, a lesson, or a reminder. A memory that allows you to remember all that is good, or a lesson that makes you weigh out the bad, or just a simple reminder to hang in there.

To the me I could become and the me I hope to be,
I hope you wake up to better things.
I hope you wake up to happiness.

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