The Lowdown on High Heels (Because You'll Probably Wear Them to Your Debut)

Practice walking in high heels with our tips!
  |  Jan 31, 2015
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When thinking of shoes to wear with your debut gown, a pair of high heels easily comes to mind, right? For most, turning into a lady entails learning to walk, dance, and simply move in high heels. If you've never worn heels before (or you don't usually wear them), let our guide help you out.

The chunkier, the comfier
In case you're a high heel novice, you'd want to stick to chunkier heels, wedges, or platforms. These are relatively easier to walk in compared to stilettos, which are best left to those who've mastered wearing high heels. Thicker heels will give you better support throughout the night, and you'll realize that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for fancy footwear.

Set a height limit
If you're on the petite site, you probably have your heart set on wearing a pair of insanely high heels. But really, can you manage wearing five-inch heels for hours on end? Probably not. Stick to heels three inches high, tops, and opt for a pair with a platform in front. That way, the incline would be less severe. Trust us, your feet will thank you.


Say no to brand spanking new shoes
We don't mean you should wear a tattered pair with your fabulous gown, but you should definitely break in your shoes before your event. Read: you shouldn't be wearing them for the first time at your debut. Buy your shoes weeks ahead so that you can wear them several times at home, and your shoes will have enough time to expand. By the time your debut rolls in, you'll be comfy in your shoes.

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Heel-toe is the way to go
Walking in high heels shouldn't be hard if you remember to this: the heel should touch the ground first, and then the toe. Practice standing and walking first, and then try dancing in your shoes before the event (see tip above) so that you can get used to moving gracefully in them.

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