The Joy of Accidental Discovery

Getting lost isn't always a bad thing.
by Aaliyah Ybanez   |  May 6, 2016
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It was the first day of our trip and we were getting ready to head out and meet the big city. Tokyo is a large place; stores lined up the streets, the scent of food lingered wherever you went, and there were neighborhoods that could transport you into a totally different world. And as large as the whole city is, sometimes finding the first place to see on your agenda isn't exactly what you planned it out to be. We got stuck in different subway stations, stepped off on completely different places, and ended up totally winging our itinerary for the day.

Despite that, I had the most enjoyable time trying to navigate our way back to where we came from and randomly spotting out places that were never mentioned on the internet, like an owl café in Shinjuku or a really good restaurant right outside one subway station. Those things are the best things about getting lost: finding interesting nooks around the corner, just like discovering a new characteristic about someone, the soft yet pleasurable surprise you get and still you can't help but love them even more, it's like really getting to see who they really are.


Getting lost is something humans aren't very fond of. We were taught how to do things properly or how to make sure things go according to plan. And it's not that that's bad, it's just that we've forgotten the joy of uncertainty and finding something better amidst exploring the unknown. In travelling, getting lost is most likely to happen, considering that you're in a different country with a different set of rules, public transportation, culture, and language.

We've forgotten the joy of uncertainty and finding something better amidst exploring the unknown.

Much like traveling, getting lost in life doesn't mean you're doomed. There will come a point in time where you're going to feel out of place and astray. It may feel like you don't know what to feel or what to do, and you start to questionyour own choices or whatever plans you made for the future. It does feel terrifying to be in this point in your life but just like how you found your way back to your own hotel or house, you will find a new path for you once you overcome this challenge.

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Getting lost toughens you up to be brave enough to try a new road or to make new decisions, try out new hobbies, to get your life back together. When you get lost, you become courageous to ask for help. You don't just sit there and wait for someone to come and save you; you're proactive enough to take the first step.  When you get lost in another country, you don't just sit there, do you? You ask for help from the locals in the area, and if some of them don't happen to understand you, you ask another person until you find your way back.

Getting lost toughens you up to be brave enough to try a new road or to make new decisions.

When you finally arrive where you're supposed to be, despite the detours you made, you were able to make it. You've come back better than who you were before, with more knowledge and much more experience. That makes all the difference, that makes getting lost worth it.

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