The Friendship Code of Ethics

You've gone through a whole lot of stuff to find your real friends. Now Candy gives you a girlfriend's manifesto you can live by.
by Vero Zamesa   |  Aug 2, 2010
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The Cue: Princess Diaries

The Scene:

 Mia confides in her best buddy Lilly that she is the only heir to the throne of a small European monarch. She makes Lilly promise not to tell anyone. But when the news leaks out and the whole city flips, Lilly swears she never told a soul! This proves to be true when the real culprit turns out to be Mia’s beauty guru, Paolo.

The Code: Keep her secrets.

Spilling the beans about a friend’s secret is never a good thing. Secrets are what separate the relationship of an acquaintance from that of a real friend. So when your pal tells you something and asks you to swear you’ll never tell anyone, keep your word unless it’s a matter of life and death. Remember, it’s not just the issue that matters, but also the trust that’s at stake.


Read how you can make your own friendship code of ethics.

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