The Eight People You'll Meet in ADMU

Who are the people who leave their mark?
by Julianne Suazo   |  Sep 12, 2016
Image: Justine Recio |
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They say that the quality college experience is majorly dictated by the kind of people you're surrounded by. Here are a few people you won’t miss when you enter the land of the true blue:  

  1. Ate Alma 
    Her name is something you'll hear from students and teacher a lot. "You can ask help from Ate Alma," or "You can get your readings from Ate Alma." The perpetually smiling ate who is in charge of a photocopy service area in school, Ate Alma is someone you'll never catch without a smile. She's the type of person whose presence will instantly brighten your day with a mere "Hey, pangga," or "Kamusta ka, pangga?"
  1. Kuya Resty
    More than anything, he is everyone's friend. He quickly notices when you're feeling down, and does not hesitate to ask you what's wrong. He is a popular guard who used to be stationed at the Manuel V. Pangilinan Center for Student Leadership where he warmly greets everyone and anyone who sets foot inside the building. He is known to be one of, if not the most, the friendliest guards in Ateneo who genuinely cares about us students.
  1. Severino Sarmenta
    To your parents, his voice is a remnant of the good ol' sporting days but to Ateneans, he's the funny and lovable Communication Department Head. Famous for being a sports commentator, Sir Sev is a Communications professor who teaches classes in Public Relations, and (previously) Events Management. He is the type of professor who really makes the effort to get to know each and every one of his students while teaching them some life lessons along the way.
  1. Dacanay
    The professor that even people outside of Ateneo know, Father Dacanay is a passionate Theology professor who is mostly known as a strict professor. A student who had previously taken him describes him, "I appreciated the way he builds a person's character. He may be strict, but he's fair. He's a professor that genuinely wants his students to learn and not just for a grade." Even if I haven't taken a class of his myself, I have no doubts about the quality of his teachings and lectures.

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  1. Carlo Rivera
    It's hard to miss the guy dressed like Indiana Jones roaming around the campus. Sir Carlo is a Literature professor whose syllabus includes material like Ender's Game and Lady Gaga song lyrics. His lectures are never not fun because of his overall light-hearted presence. If you're not a literature fan to begin with, his classes just might change your mind!
  1. Justine Recio, Dana Sianghio, and Hannah Nolasco
    Inspired by their everyday classes in Ateneo, the three bright girls took a chance in the United Nations last summer with the desire of sparking a positive change in society. The three victors of the Social Venture Challenge hosted by the United Nations in New York, Justine, Dana, and Hannah, are the brains behind Pamana, an organization that aims to help indigenous people and farming communities. They attended a conference in the UN on how the youth could be more active in social change and development in their own countries and local communities.

    More and more students are taking on the challenge to make a change in society, to raise social awareness, and "to turn vision into action," as Justine would say. Even after these girls graduate and in the years to come, you will never stop meeting brave and hardworking souls who strive to balance a life of school and work.


It's difficult to name just a few because when it comes to the land of the true blue, there are so much more people who really make Ateneo, Ateneo. Tell us who else should have made it to the list by commenting below!

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