The Celebrity Bond

Check out some more pictures from these four girls who reveal what it's really like to be related to a celeb.
  |  Nov 24, 2006
photos from the personal collection of Winwyn, Alex, Dani, and Jill
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Ever dreamt of having a celebrity parent, sister, boyfriend, or BFF? Four girls reveal what it's really like!

Parents: Actors Joey Marquez and Alma Moreno

Is it hard to schedule time with your parents because they’re so busy? Now, it’s the opposite! I’m the one who’s super busy with school, while my dad has a lot more time ‘cause he’s not in politics anymore.

Do you ever get compared to them? Yes. My mom’s a good dancer so they expect a lot from me in terms of dancing. Sa dad ko, acting and brains. I feel pressured kasi I should be very smart like my dad eh di ko naman kaya yon!

Do a lot of people say you look like your mom and/or dad? No! Wala akong kamukha eh. Sometimes people say I look like my mom or dad but I don’t believe them!


Do they get approached by fans when you guys are together? Yes. I don’t like the feeling ‘cause I’m not a celebrity like my dad. Once, I went to this store and they just kept staring at me!

Do you feel pressured to follow in your parents’ footsteps? Not anymore—it’s my choice naman eh. My parents are supportive.

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