The Candy Girl's Guide to Being the Best Traveller

by Lausanne Barlaan   |  May 14, 2015
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This summer, most of you Candy Girls are probably heading off to different destinations and enjoying what world has to offer. Want to make the most of your travel without giving grief to the place you visit? We give you a quick guide on how to be the best traveller!

 1  Enjoy what the place's most popular attractions.

A place's attractions will not be popular without cause, so go ahead and enjoy your destination's best offers! You’ll finally get to see what the hype is all about and judge for yourself it it's worth it.

 2  Explore lesser-known places and activities.

While embarking on usual touristy activities are a great way to get to know a place, it can be refreshing to choose the road less travelled and seek out a place’s secrets. You can always go island hopping if you’re tired of crowded beaches, discover new restaurants and cafes if you’re not ready to taste the exotic delicacies, and try lesser known (and thus less expensive) activities if you’re tired of long lines at the popular ones. Your wanderlust will thank you if you actually experienced more than what you originally planned.

 3  Embrace the locals and their practices.

The best way to enjoy a place is to immerse with the locals. Don't be scared to talk to the locals and ask them about their culture (actually talk to them about their culture, instead of paying a fee to just take a picture in their tribal costume), their most delicious cuisine, their most beautiful attractions, you can even try learning their language! Since they live in the place, they're sure to know the best way to enjoy it.


 4  Respect the place and its culture.

To be a great traveller, you shouldn’t expect your destination to adjust to you; you're the one who will adapt to their culture. If you're unfamiliar with wherever you're going, the Internet is a good way to research about their practices, their dos and don'ts (it can be as simple as differences in hand gestures). You'll have a much better experience (and the locals will like you better) if you don't offend any locals and be sensitive with their practices. Better yet, if they'll allow it, you can even ask to participate in their practices!

 5  Highlight the place's assets and points for improvement in your social media posts.

If you had a bad experience, don't be afraid to share about it, just make sure that you write about it constructively and with the locals' and future visitors' interests in mind. If you had a great experience, it doesn't hurt to post about it in your favorite social media website. It will help the place get more publicity and in turn help your friends know the best way to enjoy the place when they visit it themselves. Be generous with your compliments and pictures, and show the world how much of a blast you had. 

What are your tips to being the best traveller? Tell us below! Happy summer, Candy Girls!

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