The Born Identity

An action-packed, thrill-a-minute article on the psychology of birth order, starring none other than the gorgeous, fabulous, marvelous YOU!
by Abi Aquino   |  Jul 15, 2010
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The Star
Born with the spotlight on them, last-borns are usually the stars and entertainers of the family. Spoiled rotten, not only by your parents but also by your older siblings, you are loved and adored by everyone, even the grumpy old manang who sells sago at the school cafeteria.

You Almighty
Being the youngest usually means you’re used to having all the attention. As a matter of fact, many of those in the entertainment industry are usually the youngest of their respective families. With a little bit of eyelash-batting or pretty-pleasing, you usually get what you want.  You’re also the most charming, and possibly the most easygoing of all the children. After all, your parents  had gotten more relaxed by the time you came along, so you weren’t brought up as strictly as your older siblings. Mental note: hug and kiss Ate and/or Kuya for absorbing Mom and Dad’s parenting praningitis.


Spoiled Rotten Scoundrels
Many last-borns are reluctant to grow up, since they’ve spent most of their lives being pampered and babied. So most of the time, the youngest children in the family are also the last ones to learn about responsibility and maturity. A lot of last-borns are also attention-seekers and limelight-stealers, since they’re used to being noticed all the time. A final warning: Those who refuse to grow up end up leading lives marked by an excessive use of pink lip gloss and perfumed pens.

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Bunso Hustle
Speaking in a baby voice is pretty cute when you’re nine years old, but not when you’re 19. Just because you’re the youngest, doesn’t mean you are excused from any responsibilities at home. Volunteer for even the smallest tasks, like walking the dog or clearing the dinner table. These are small but solid steps that get you used to responsibility.


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