The Born Identity

An action-packed, thrill-a-minute article on the psychology of birth order, starring none other than the gorgeous, fabulous, marvelous YOU!
by Abi Aquino   |  Jul 15, 2010
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The Pacifier
A natural diplomat and ambassador of peace, middle-borns love to smooth out the wrinkles between brothers and sisters and are as easygoing as can be. The world could use more of you out there! 

Little Miss Congeniality
You’ve spent most of your life getting your brothers and sisters out of each other’s hairs, so it’s no big surprise that you’re a great people pleaser and negotiator. Whether it’s another fight over who gets to use the bathroom first, or who has to get a glass of water for Mom, you’re a genius when it comes to transforming sibling squabbles to sibling revelry. As a matter of fact, you hate confrontation and fighting, and will do anything to keep the peace.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spineless Mind
Being eternally pleasant has its drawbacks though. Since you’ve become so used to pleasing everybody, sometimes you forget where to draw the line. Unless you’re fighting for a spot on the Philippine gymnastics team, there’s no sense in bending over backwards just to make everybody happy.


Leaving Pleasantville
Learn to set your boundaries and say no when you want to. It’s true that you can’t please everyone all the time, and at the end of the day, the only person you have to please is yourself. What a tough lesson to learn! So start by saying no to the small things: “No, I won’t have a second helping of rice, thank you.” “No, I don’t really want to curl my hair and dye it purple, thank you.”

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