The Best Things In Mariel Rodriguez's Life

Mariel talks about all the bestâ€"about her work, about being in love, about her childhood, and more!
by Angel Constantino Aquino   |  Aug 21, 2010
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The best trait I got from my family is… how to get along well with people or what we call pakikisama. All of them, especially my grandparents, don’t choose the people they’re nice to and that’s really admirable.

My best childhood memory is… visiting my mom every summer. We once went to this place called Small World in Japan. They give you a passport, then you can walk around and pretend to visit different countries. For example, you can go to India, eat Indian food, take pictures, and have your fake passport stamped. It was really fun! And every morning in Japan, I would walk to this convenience store and have strawberry Häagen-Dazs ice cream. I was a fat kid!

My best high school memory was… going to the mall with my friends every day after school. We also had beauty days where we’d put makeup on each other or pretend to remove our blackheads. Those were really fun! I guess it’s true that your high school friends will always be your true friends ‘cause I still consider them my barkada.


The best month of the year is… summer! I don’t like December. It’s magastos and fattening. But during summer, you can always look forward to a beach trip with friends.

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The best summer vacation I had was… going to Boracay with my whole barkada after our high school graduation. It never happened again ‘cause we all went to different colleges while some went to other countries. I think people graduating now should do that. It’s really something they’ll remember forever!

About work, being part of PBB, saying goodbye, and being in love on the next page.

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