The Best Things In Mariel Rodriguez's Life

Mariel talks about all the bestâ€"about her work, about being in love, about her childhood, and more!
by Angel Constantino Aquino   |  Aug 21, 2010
photo by Francis Abraham
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The best thing my lolo did for me is… he raised me. My parents both live abroad and my sister and I have been living with our grandparents for as long as I can remember. My lolo used to bring me to school and pick me up all the time. We’d pass by McDonald’s and get french fries every day after school!

The best thing about my lola is…  she gives me food every day, no fail. I had to tell her the other day, “Lola, I’m trying to diet!” But she’ll still give it to me anyway. That’s my lola’s happiness.

The best thing about having a sister is… I can borrow her clothes! She’s two years older than me and we’re really close. Though we don’t live together anymore, she still calls me up to ask what new stuff I’ve bought or she’ll text me, “I have this fab new skirt. I’ll lend it to you!” We can also be really honest with each other. Like one night for Pinoy Big Brother, I was wearing this outfit with a big ribbon, and she texted me, “You look like a gift!” Or when she bought this type of makeup that made her face look really white, I told her, “You look like a mumu!” We value each other’s opinion. That’s the sort of relationship we have.


The best thing my mom taught me is… how to take care of myself, especially
physically, because she’s so vain! Even though she didn’t live with me and my sister, she
was able to teach us the importance of moisturizing, drinking lots of water, and using eye cream. A lot of people tell me I look like her too!

The best moment I had with my dad was… last Christmas in New Jersey. It’s probably only the second or third time I spent Christmas with him ‘cause he’s always away. I had a really good trip. I was there for almost two weeks. We went to Atlantic City, we visited New York, and we bonded a lot. He treats me more like an adult now.

Mariel talks about her family, childhood, highschool, and more on the next page.

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