The 5 Reasons Why You Can Do It All

by Erin Torrejon   |  Sep 11, 2015
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Growing up isn't always easy. Especially during the teen years, it gets extra hard to be confident and deal with every day social situations. It's also during these years when insecurities come out more because of the different changes in the body like acne breakouts and even monthly periods. Because we know just how difficult and awkward growing up can get for young Filipinas everywhere, we're here to tell you that you can do it all! It's all about believing in yourself and knowing that you can do whatever it is your heart desires.

 1  When you're at the mall checking out cute crop tops.

Feel like finally trying one of those cute crop tops you've always wanted to sport but feel dyage to wear it out with your friends? Forget about what other people might think and just try it on! Not sure how to sport it? Check out our shy girl's guide to wearing crop tops for some tips!

 2  When you see your favorite cutie at the fair.

You finally see the Candy Cutie you've been crushing on at the fair, but then you suddenly feel the need to hide somwhere. Don't let your nerves get the best of you! Go ahead and get take that selfie you've been wanting—it's the best time to!

 3  When your crush sits next to you in class.


Why don't you say hi first? Don't be dyahe or get hiya. Stop overthinking things and just do it. You never know, it might just be the start of a really great friendship!


 4  When you're at the beauty counter and don't know what to buy.


Confused with what products you should buy but too shy to ask the girl at the counter for help? Don't let your hiya result into you buying all the wrong things for your face and skin. The salesladies are there to help you figure out what you should buy and are willing to give you the advice you need! You might even learn a new beauty trick.

 5  When your time of the month comes during your big birthday party. 


Don't panic or get nervous. Just because it might seem like your big day is being ruined, doesn't mean it has to be. Just calm down and ask for help from your mom or bestie! They're there to make sure you have a great day and willd definitely come to the rescue when you need it most.

So make sure you bid goodbye as dyahe, hiya, and kaba, and instead say and believe that "kayang-kaya." In fact, thanks to the partnership of brands like Clean & Clear, Carefree, and Modess, the advocacy Camp Courage was born to empower Filipina teens to celebrate their teenage years and realize their full potential by building up their confidence so that they can be the best they can possibly be! Camp Courage will be going to over 500 schools nationwide to conduct workshops and activities that will help girls understand their bodies even better, know the right things to do in any situation, and find opportunities where they can enhance their talents and skills even more! Stay tuned to their website for more information on the advocacy.

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