The 5 Girls You Should Let Go of This Year

Because now's the time to let go of failed friendships.
by Lausanne Barlaan   |  Jan 13, 2015
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We've heard it all before—girls should stick together and pull each other up. But what happens if your supposed girl friends/sisters are the ones who prevent you from being a better version of yourself? The start of a new year is the perfect time for spring cleaning, Candy Girls. And we're not just talking about the material things in your life. Let us help you find out and let go of the girls in your life that are only bringing unnecessary drama, stress, and pain.

  1. The girl who's putting you down to bring herself up. Competition is good, but only if it helps both parties get better. The girl who'll go to great lengths just to prove that she's better than you, bruising your self esteem in the process, is not someone you should keep around for much longer. You deserve friends that inspire you to be better, not friends that only make themselves look better (at other people's expense at that). 

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  2. The girl who only has time for her drama. Friendship is supposed to be a two way street—a give and take relationship. You can't hold on to a friend who's only there to seek your support but can't be found whenever it's your turn to ask for her help. You need a friend who not only trusts you with her fears, dreams, and secrets, but also a friend who's willing to listen to yours.

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  3. The girl who makes you do things you're uncomfortable with. We all have that one friend (or two) who's all #YOLO with her life and encourages, or worse, pressures you to do the same. Being carefree never hurt anyone but what if she's taking it too far, past the point of good, clean fun? If you're uncomfortable with the things she’s asking you to do, tell her. If she doesn't understand your refusal, then maybe it's time to let go of her and find friends who are better influences. 

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  4. The girl who always leaves you behind. The girl who makes you feel out of place is not someone you need in your life. Friendships are supposed to make you feel like you belong and that you are loved. You can tell yourself that maybe she's leaving you out because she thinks that you won't understand her, but what kind of a friendship is that? You deserve friends who trust you enough to include you in their lives.  

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  5. The girl who you've drifted apart with. You were probably friends from way back, but you've lost touch as time passed. Naturally, you try to bring back the old days but you find yourself losing things to talk about, making you realize that you two barely have anything in common now. While it's good to hold on to old friends, forcing friendships will only stress the both of you. It’s totally okay to accept that you two had a good run as friends but you both just don't seem to fit into each other's lives anymore. This girl may be the hardest to let go because of all the memories you two have made, but remember that you can't open yourself up to new friendships if you keep holding on to old, strained ones.

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Letting go may be hard, but remember that you’ll start feeling better when you free yourself from all the failed friendships and find yourself surrounded with girls that inspire you, trust you, and support you fully.

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