TFW Your Classmate Is Being Too User-Friendly

How are you getting out of this one?
by Pam Carlota   |  Sep 6, 2017
Image: Pam Carlota
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In school, there will always be that one lazy classmate who always asks you for a pen, a sheet of paper, or even a copy of your notes. How do they even survive school if not for you? And that doesn't end there because once you get home, that same classmate will pester you for all the things-to-do, notes, and reminders that they didn't even bother to jot down in class earlier. And now you're stuck with either being that evil person who lets a classmate fail or a Godsend who's simply too good for them. Why do they even invent that "seen" notice, right?

We're sure you've gotten those texts or chat messages, too. Hit the play button to see just what we're talking about!

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