Help—I’m Scared To Tell My Parents I’m Already Dating

Part of the strict-parents-club?
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jan 31, 2020
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Do you ever just meet someone, instantly click with them, and the next thing you know, you’re dating? Hey, it can happen. People can form special connections with one another in a split second, especially when you are in setup that allows you to constantly be exposed to one another (like college!).

Dating may not have been part of your OG plan, but you find yourself engulfed in a relationship that’s getting more and more serious by the day. Pretty soon, it’ll be too big to keep a secret, especially from your napaka-strict na parents. Just the thought of having that convo with them gives you goosebumps. But just like any other terrible episode you come across in life, it’s not the end of the world (even if it feels like it).

Don’t overthink it.

Majority of strict parents put a dating ban on their children even if they’re old enough to decide for themselves. While we can’t argue with parents’ policies, there will be times when being attracted to someone cannot be helped (Hey, you’re human!).


Take a step back and don’t panic. While it may seem scary AF to confront your parents for seeing someone despite them saying you can’t—because, understandable, you broke their trust—just keep in mind that panicking over it won’t help you get past the obstacle.

Whatever happens, don’t lie.

We know how tempting it is to just hide the relationship for as long as you can. And while it may be a bliss at first, you’re only delaying the inevitable and lying about it will only make things worse for you. It’s best to confront the issue in its early stages before things get out of hand.

Be prepared for your parents’ reactions.

Aka be prepared for the worst. It isn’t far off for strict folks to blow the situation out of proportion and throw angry reax at you. TBH, it’s possibly instinctive for them to get mad because it’s practically reflex action for parents to look out for you, or it could also be that they’re feeling a tad bit betrayed at the thought of you dating behind their backs. 

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As someone on the verge of adulthood, it’s your life and so it’s ultimately your choice to make. Still, it isn’t recommended to fight fire with fire by getting mad at your parents for such a restrictive rule. Instead, rationally talk to them and show them why they should trust you to make your own decisions in life, especially for things as major as romantic relationships. It might take a while for them to see that you’re responsible enough to be dating, but being persistent and consistent might just help you get through to them.

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