8 Things Teens Who Were Raised by Their Grandparents Understand

Whenever mom or dad doesn't approve of the things you want, you immediately go to them.
by Nicka Cassandra Jerao   |  Sep 8, 2017
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There's something about grandparents that make you feel special and wanted. They are your second parents; they take care of you like you are their own child. They can get on your nerves sometimes but there's no denying how much you love them. Despite the challenges of growing under their watch, they're still two of the most wonderful human beings any teen could ever ask for. Here are eight things teens who grew up with their grandparents will understand.

  1. Nothing beats your lola's home-cooked meals.

Whenever you get sick or you're feeling a little bit down, your grandparents are there to cheer you up. They'll serve you your favorite dishes with TLC.

  1. They tend to get overprotective.

They have seen a lot of bad things that have happened that they don't want you to get into any trouble. It shows how much they want to protect you even if it means living a hatid-sundo life.

  1. It can get annoying when they ask too much about social media and your smart phone.

You're their go-to when it comes to understanding the tech stuff. They want you to teach them anything that's new to them like texting, using a smartphone, and how to be on Facebook because they want to be in the loop too.

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  1. Sleeping over at your friend's house is almost impossible.

They would always say that there's no need to stay at somebody else's house because you have your own. Of course, you will always get to have the final say especially when you make lambing to them and promise to call them.

  1. They have traditional views when it comes to dating.

It can be quite hard to explain to them that you've met someone through social media or any dating sites because they have a different point of view when it comes to dating. "Your date should come to our house first" or "Your first date should involve us meeting him/her" are usually their lines when they hear that you're seeing someone. No matter what silly request they would make, it all boils down to them not wanting to get your heartbroken.

  1. You're kind of spoiled because of them.

They would always bring gifts whenever they visit you. Whenever mom or dad doesn't approve of the things you want, you immediately go to them. Then, of course, they'll take your side no matter what.

  1. You learned to love The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, and all the old-school Hollywood movies.

Spending time with them meant listening to good ol' ballad or even rock 'n roll music and watching black and white Hollywood films, which are all awesome!

  1. Being with them taught you a lot about life.

You learned a lot by viewing life through their eyes. Growing up with them, they told you different stories about how things were back then—their lives, the people they knew, family history, ghost stories and the best one of all: how they met each other. 

Did we miss anything on this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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