Teens Are Talking About: Miss Universe 4th Runner-Up Venus Raj

Candy Girls are talking about the Miss Universe pageant on TeenTalk.
  |  Aug 25, 2010
photo courtesy of ABS-CBN
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Last Monday, people were glued to the television awaiting the fate of Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Venus Raj in the 2010 Miss Universe pageant. Here's what some Candy Girls have to say about her placing fifth in the prestigious beauty pageant.

baller_chic23's profile pictureI was dissatisfied with her answer to the question. She just had to say something about family and blah blah, not really answering what the judge asked.
More importantly, the whole "MAJOR MAJOR" thing is now incorporated into everyone's facebook status updates and I'm so over it!!!


definedelirium's profile picI actually think she got the hardest question of them all. Personal questions aren't easy to answer. I think the Internet neutrality or death penalty questions are better ones, although they seem tougher at first glance, because you just need to read about those things (which are major issues right now, especially the first) and be able to form a coherent and intelligent answer.

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She could have elaborated her answer to something like her mistakes and what she did about them led her to where she is now or there are no major nor minor mistakes in life. It could've sounded better.

meg_ddc's profile picMas maganda kung kamukha ng Q & A noon, isa lang ang tanong sa lahat ng contestants.
kz's profile picBaka naman talaga wala pa siyang biggest mistake sa buhay niya? And personal question yun eh. Siyempre mas madali sagutan yung about fashion, Internet, death penalty, at airport security. But okay na rin 4th runner-up [siya]. She did her best naman. Ang sexy niya and she was very graceful. Sobrang sisikat na naman ang "major major." May kapalit na ang "over over" ni Melai.
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