Tales From The Fearless

What if the only thing hindering you from succeeding is your fear? Seven girls tell how their bravery helped them overcome even the simplest fear of needles.
by Kat Austria   |  May 18, 2013
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Guen De Mesa Jaja Bautista

"When I first started out blogging, I feared no one will notice me. My posts only get two to three likes and it’s as if no one actually cares. I did whatever I can to improve my blog and after a while, my efforts paid off. Messages of appreciation arrived in my inbox often and I gained a handful of followers. Aside from those, boosting my confidence gave me the chance to meet and befriend other bloggers as well." —Guen De Mesa, 16, Student / Blogger

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"At the age of 14, I started my modeling career after being discovered in a workshop called Trumpets Playshop. During the 2011 Philippine Fashion Week, I was given the opportunity to walk on the runway even if I didn't have any experience at walking for the big names in the industry. The worst part was that I didn't even have the confidence to face numerous people who are going to be watching! It was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss so I gathered whatever confidence I had and accepted the offer anyway. To my surprise, more and more blessings came my way; I was able to walk for different shows, work with different models and for various designers, and even participate in Project Runway Philippines Season 3. After every show, I noticed that I gain a little more courage, strength, and confidence. So every time I get a project, I remind myself that I could do it and forget all about what frightens me. Here I am now living life to the fullest by turning my can'ts into cans." —Jaja Bautista, 17, Student / Model


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