Studying For An Exam 101

by Martin del Rosario   |  Jun 7, 2010
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  1. Rest or take a nap before studying for a more relaxed mood.
    For me, I hate the feeling of being stressed when I'm studying. A lot of things will be in your head and you won't be able to concentrate. It's better if you take a nap before studying so when you wake up, you'll have a clear mind and a well-rested body.
  2. Eat sweets while studying to keep you awake.
    Sweets makes you feel on the go and hyperactive so it would be better if you pop some chocolate candies in your mouth while studying so you will have the drive to study for your lessons.
  3. Take note of the important ideas only. Use highlighters so it would be easier for you to remember the important notes.
    For example in history and in social sciences, you need to do a lot of memorizing. When reading your notes, books or handouts, read through it first then highlight the things you need to remember. After reading the whole thing, go back to the notes you highlighted so it would be easier for you to understand.
  4. As much as possible, do not memorize. Understand the lesson.
    In high school, there are so many things to memorize like terms and formulas. For me, it's better if you understand the lesson fully. Remember the important ideas so you won't get confused. You wouldn't have a hard time answering the exam and it would be easier for you to explain just in case the exam is in essay form.
  5. Focus on what you're doing so you can finish faster. Do not get distracted with the things around you.
    In our age, there are so many distractions like the computer and internet. If you chat and surf the net while studying, it will take you a longer time to finish. Know your priorities first then do whatever you want to do after.
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