Students Open Up About Their Struggles With Online Classes Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

It takes a toll on students' health, too.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Mar 23, 2020
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The spread of COVID-19 remains a crisis nations all over the world are currently grappling with. In the Philippines, the President has put the entire Luzon on an enhanced community quarantine, while other parts of the country like Baguio, Cainta, Cavite, and La Union have declared their own lockdowns.

Meanwhile, college students have transitioned to online platforms to continue lessons and classes, save for a few universities who went ahead and suspended even their online classes on top of the on-ground school activities. Many students, however, plea for online classes to be suspended in their own schools after encountering struggles with their new online setup.

Necessary tools for online learning such as laptops and a stable internet connection are also not as easily accessible for a considerable portion of the student population. Many rely on campus facilities to accomplish and submit school work and other academic requirements. Due to these concerns and the others mentioned below, students took to Twitter to trend #SuspendOnlineClasses and make an appeal to postpone classes in all colleges and universities during the quarantine period.


Below, some students share their feels about online classes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not all students have access to the same resources.

While plenty of us can Google something up in seconds or stream a YouTube explainer about a certain lesson, others don’t necessarily share the same opportunities. One student, @abey.yshh, shares, “Not everyone of us has good internet connection or mobile data. Some cannot afford it.”

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It takes a toll on students’ health, too.

We’re experiencing a pandemic no one in the world has ever encountered before, so it isn’t too far offto say that our mental health will get strained as we struggle to grasp the situation. If school isn’t already stressful in a normal setting, it certainly reached new levels this time around. “It sucks,” One student, @cruz_ram, shares. “How can I concentrate after what’s happening in our country right now?”


Of course, it also takes its toll on students’ physical health. “I feel more tired because of looking at the computer screen every day,” shares @ in_a_relationship_withcoffee.

It’s harder to stay focused.

Trying to absorb your lessons just doesn’t seem as doable when you’re doing it from the comforts of your home, a place we often associate with unwinding and resting after a long day of hustling. Your bed is calling you and the kitchen—and by extension, food—is just a few steps away. Not to mention, your entire family is also at home, and they’re not taking online classes like you are. One student, @zionisticbella, opens up, “It doesn’t [really] help us learn anymore, it is all about compliance.”

Online classes just can’t compare to the ~real~ college experience.

Of course, it’s understandable to cancel on-ground classes and school activities to help keep the virus from spreading further. Physical distancing is highly encouraged, after all, and students understand the importance of this directive. Still, many—particularly the seniors—can’t help but feel sad about the feeling of missing out on making the most out of their college days, knowing they won’t be able to relive those precious college moments the moment they get their diplomas. “It’s my final semester and as a graduating student, I felt I was robbed [of] my final days [in college].” Shares @alviinuy.


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