This Student Vlogged Her Daily 15-Hour Study Routine

And talks about why breaks are super important.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Nov 1, 2020
Image: YOUTUBE/Ahnyeongs
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Online classes means students will have to spend extra time in front of their computers. Doing so can suck the energy out of you, but for others, hours-long study sessions do the trick. One student YouTuber, Cedie better known by her YouTube channel Ahnyeongs, shares her experience with studying for 15 hours (with A LOT of breaks, fyi) in a vlog. Here's how it went:

We also reached out to Cedie to talk more about how she pulled it off. Read more about her study habits here: 

It’s a mix of different learning methods.

Doing a single thing repeatedly for hours can be exhausting. For Cedie, her process for 15-hour long study sessions involve a mix of reading through notes and listening to recorded lecture videos. “For the most part, I just tend to watch videos on YouTube about our topics since I easily get bored by just reading the lecture notes given to us. Within the day, I just follow the schedule provided by our university with a few tweaks if needed (I usually add more tasks if I feel like I can still do them)." In those 15 hours, Cedie would usually be able to tackle three to four subjects’ worth of studying, depending on how complex topics are.

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It involves a lot of breaks.

Studying hard entails a considerable amount of breaks, too. Taking some time off from reviewing can save you from burnout and information overload. “I usually take a 15 to 30-minute break after finishing a task,” Cedie shares. “But, sometimes, my break time gets even longer because I easily get distracted by social media.”

To de-stress from hours of studying, Cedie makes sure to make time for the things she’s interested in. “I catch up on some social media updates, especially of EXO since they are the only K-pop group I stan. I also watch YouTube videos or even some Netflix shows.”

It’s not for everyone, but here’s how you can make it work:

Devoting more than a half a day to studying sounds overwhelming, but for Cedie, it’s a method that works perfectly. “It is effective for me because it helps me stay productive for most of the day, which eventually makes me finish everything that I need to do.”


This particular study method isn’t for everyone, but if it’s something you’d like to try to see if it suits you, Cedie says it would require a lot of self-discipline. “Effective time management is the key and I suggest that you start out your day by planning (may it be on a planner or just a random piece of paper for your to-do list).”

Fifteen hours of studying non-stop sound intense, so you have to make sure to look after yourself every once in a while. “I highly encourage you to drink A LOT of water while doing this, not just coffee,” shares Cedie.

Lastly, remember to still make time for things that make your heart happy. “Make sure to set your priorities straight, but not at the expense of depriving yourself of your personal leisure. Although this method could be really fulfilling academic-wise, your mental, emotional, and physical health still matter the most in this current setup.”



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