The Little But *Real* Struggles This Student Experienced During Her Online Class

She had a little technical problem with her mic and her professor almost skipped her.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Aug 10, 2020
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TBH, no matter how prepared you think you are for your online classes, you won't really fully realize what it's like until you're actually doing it. 

One college student who owns a YouTube channel called dear, nine shares her experience with online classes in her latest vlog and it's as real as it can get. Genine, who is a student from De La Salle University, takes viewers through a day of online classes and she didn't leave out the little struggles college students will have to expect from online learning.

For instance, during one class, her professor was introducing the course and explaining the flow of the class. They also had to introduce themselves to the rest of the class online. She had a little technical problem with her mic and her professor almost skipped her. Good thing she was able to fix it in time!

In another part of her vlog, she shares how she missed one class because she didn't get the notification for it. But thankfully, the session was only done to introduce the course so she didn't really miss much yet.


In another class, she joined the Zoom meeting at the exact time that it was supposed to start, but the class never got to push through because her professor wasn't able to attend. She also pointed out that it involves plenty of "waiting game" throughout the day, so patience will definitely come in handy during online classes especially since everyone's still adjusting. Online learning really is no joke and will take some time to get used to.

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