10 Stages of Procrastination You Should Stop Doing

It has to end. Now.
by Mara Agner   |  Oct 24, 2016
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Admit it or not, we've all procrastinated in one way or another and we're not very proud of those moments (at least not all of them). Procrastination usually happens when, a) you don't like the work you ought to do, b) you're intimidated by the task at hand, or c) you're just feeling lazy. Whatever your reasons are, make sure you don't keep at it or esle it's gonna be a bigger problem you'll eventually have to face in the future. Below, we listed 10 stages of procrastination (that may seem a little too familiar) that you've got to put a stop to, stat! 

Stage 1: "There's so much stuff to do. I'm gonna make a to-do list."

It's understandable that you try to list everything that you need to accomplish in an attempt to put all your ducks in a row. What's not is how you decide to do it right before diving into your actual work.


Stage 2: "Ooh, I have a special notebook for my to-do lists! Let me just look for it."

So you proceed to look for your notebook and waste a good 15 minutes turning your desk upside-down, then you realize you need your pen, which you specifically bought to go with that notebook, too. That's another 10 minutes wasted just looking for the pen when you can easily write everything down using an entirely different pen, or on your phone or your computer to save time and energy.

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Stage 3: "Now my desk's a mess trying to look for my notebook and pen! Of course, I've got to clean it first. Besides, who else can function with a messy desk?"

Spoiler alert: This is where it all goes downhill. Once you start cleaning your desk and looking for spaces to stow your other stuff, you begin to notice how cluttered your closet is or how your bookshelf isn't as organized as it used to be.


Stage 4: "Now my hands are all covered in dust. And eww, my face, too! Maybe I should wash up."

Naturally, you take a half hour to get rid of all the soot you've gotten all over yourself.

Stage 5: "Ugh, all that cleaning and organizing made me hungry. Time for a snack break."

You now proceed to make yourself some mean snack—something tasty that also takes a while to make because, hey, you're tired and hungry.

Stage 6: "Oooh, glad I accomplished at least one off of my list. Time to take a break and reward myself!"

When you get back from your unintended break, you go back to your workstation and check on your to-do list and find out that—surprise, surprise—you finally accomplished one task and feel entitled to take a longer break.

Stage 7: "My one hour break starts now. No matter what happens, I must stop whatever I'm doing and start working again."


*After two hours: insists on one last episode before getting back to work*

Stage 8: "Back to work! I've got to start writing my paper. First things first: research!"

*Proceeds to get eaten by the black hole that is the internet*

Stage 9: "Eep! The day's almost over and I've only finished one task! I guess it's okay to work on the rest of it tomorrow. It's not due until the afternoon anyway."

We all know how this turns out and it's usually not good...

Stage 10: "Oh my gosh! I have a ton of things to accomplish and it's all due this afternoon? What have I done? I am never procrastinating again!"

Or so you say. Until you find a perfectly good reason to do it again (read: a class requirement!). The thing about procrastinating is, cliché as it may sound, no one can really help you but yourself. And unless you decide to focus and keep the distractions at bay, your schoolwork won't get done unless you bring yourself to do it. 


If you're still not convinced to stop putting off work that you should be doing, this video from Hello Giggles (warning: it's a little too painful to watch because it's super relatable) may be the wake up call you need.

Got any school stuff you want us to write about? Share them in the comments section below and we'll try out best to help you out!

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