So What If You Fail or Make Mistakes?

Your failure is not and never will be who you are.
by Gaby Agbulos   |  Aug 31, 2017
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So you messed up. You failed, and now you feel bad about it.

You passed a project too late. You didn't ace the test that you've been studying for weeks for or you didn't do so well at your latest job interview. You're going through a horrible, painful breakup. You got into a fight with your best friend or things don't seem to be going well for you at all. It's as if every time something good finally happens, something horrible has to come and mess that up.

It's as if every time something good finally happens, something horrible has to come and mess that up.

Now, you feel different—and not in a good way. As soon as you wake up, you feel empty or disappointed in yourself. It's either that or you're stressing over so many of your problems that your stress feels like it's eating you alive. Your mistakes consume you and you aren't giving yourself time to take in anything. You become too hard on yourself, not even accepting your mistakes.


This is the type of mentality that will cause you nothing but self-doubt. It leads you to tear yourself down with every day that passes. It's an endless cycle of trying to do something, then feeling disappointed with your end result. Soon enough, it creates someone too hard on themselves, too insecure of themselves, too in their own head that they stop seizing the opportunities given to them. If you think that this applies to you, then you should know that you are the only one digging yourself deeper into that hole. Something a lot of teenagers seem to forget—especially in high school—is that it's okay to mess up.

Something a lot of teenagers seem to forget is that it's okay to mess up.

It's a normal thing—hell, it's a human thing—for us to fail and to make mistakes, and it doesn't matter if we make them because it's how we bounce back from those mistakes that matter most. Sure, people may judge you for your failures in the past, but what others say shouldn't matter as long as you remember to learn from your past mistakes, and to grow as a person from there.

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