Ask Candy: Who's Your Smart Girl Peg?

And why do you look up to her?
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Jun 30, 2015
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Lena Dunham, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift

Marla Miniano, Editor In Chief Definitely more than one. There are so many smart girls I want on my "squad": Tavi Gevinson, Lena Dunham, Miranda July, Leandra Medine, Jenny Slate, Rachael Finley... The creative, quirky, empowered type has always been my favorite kind of smart, and I love how these girls are changing both the world and the traditional definitions of intelligence and success. —Marla, Editor In Chief
Steph Yapnayon, Art Director I love Lena Dunham and the way she writes. I also admire how brave she is and how she puts herself out there. —Steph, Art Director
Angel Constantino Aquino, Managing Editor Mayim Bialik. Like her character Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, Mayim is a neuroscientist in real life too! I love how smart and quirky she is both on and offscreen. —Angel, Managing Editor
Dyan Zarzuela, Entertainment and Features Editor Taylor Swift never ceases to amaze me with her wise words and brave choices. —Dyan, Entertainment and Features Editor

Mayim Bailik and Tavi Tulle

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Ning Nuñez, Fashion and Beauty Assistant

Emma Watson. She has both beauty and brains. Not only that, she also devotes her time supporting worthy causes.  —Ning, Fashion and Beauty Assistant

Bianca Mascenon, Fashion and Beauty Assistant My queen, Taylor Swift! I believe there's a sort of intelligence in knowing the truly important things in life and putting those first. She's got so many best friends that it's almost funny, but the way she takes care of her relationships is nothing short of admirable. #LifeGoals —Bianca, Fashion and Beauty Assistant
Macy Alcaraz, Web Managing Editor

I've always been a fan of Tavi Gevinson, even early on during her Style Rookie days. I'm even a bigger fan of how she has grown Rookie Mag into an online community for teens all over the world that celebrates creativity, friendship, and diversity. Macy, Web Managing Editor

Erin Torrejon, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant My older cousin Mae. She's no celebrity, but to me she's gone about life working her butt off and making the right decisions. She's one of the wisest and smartest people I know and it would be awesome to be even half the woman she is today. —Erin, Associate Web and Fashion Editor
Ayessa De La Pena, Web Editorial Assistant I love how articulate Lena Dunham is and how open she is to listening and learning about anything, even about ideas that oppose hers. Another smart woman I look up to also is my mom. I love how good she is with dealing with her emotions. :) —Ayessa, Web Editorial Assistant

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