Sleeper Hits

by Chinggay Labrador   |  Aug 22, 2004
illustrations by Ben Deluyas
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Every teenage gal has a Master's Degree in Sleepovers 101, but only a precious few know how to throw a really great party. Yeah, kikay fests and gab sessions are fun, but if you're looking for ways to get an exceptionally smashing party going, you'll need some sass, girl! Freshen up your slumber parties with new games, new ideas, and classic staples that never go out of sleepover style.

Potluck parties are great because everyone chips in. As a host, you’re relieved of some responsibilities; and as a guest, you can show some pal power by pitching in. Who says slumber parties can’t go potluck too? Here are a few things to pack for that all-girl all-nighter.

1. Toys for the Big Gals
A classic game like Twister or a funkified toy like a Magic 8 ball is a great way to get the party started.

2. Picture, picture!
Bring out the big guns with your old photo albums… they’ll guarantee lots of laughs.


3. Vanity Fair
A slumber party staple–your latest kikay kit acquisition. Get dolled up with nail polish, makeup, curlers, hot irons… anything that spells b-e-a-u-t-y!

4. Ready for My Close-up
Bring a video camera to record the night’s most memorable moments. Your barkada will be able to relive your slumber party days ‘til you’ve got kids of your own!

5. Cuckoo over Karaoke
What’s the best way to liven up any party? A magic mic, that’s what! Spend the night singing your hearts out. Pump up the volume!

6. Who’s Line is it Anyway?
Bring DVDs of your fave movies, turn the subtitles on and act out your favorite scenes without missing a beat.

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