Single And Loving It

Shout out to all the single ladies: Here's a little something to get those good vibes coming in. Now put your hands up!
by Jikka Defino   |  Sep 21, 2013
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Single = not in a relationship. Sounds boring? I present you the three types of single ladies (plus the motivations that come with each one).

  1. The NBSB
    Maybe you never had thoughts about being in a relationship, or maybe it only crossed your mind a few times, but it's not really your priority right now. You're single and you've never been in an official relationship since the day the sun first said hi to your baby eyes. You belong to the roster of girls dubbed as the NBSB (a.k.a no boyfriend since birth) and contrary to popular belief, there are a gazillion perks that come with being one!

    • Establishing your own identity. Get to know yourself first. If you know yourself well enough (strengths and weaknesses included), you won't have a hard time sharing your own self to others, be it in a romantic relationship or through simple acts of kindness!
    • Taking it slow. No need to rush! Always remember that the best relationships need a solid foundation. After all, the princess must wait patiently for the right prince.
  2. The "It's over."
    So you guys broke up and you've probably spent a number of lonely nights contemplating how you can relate to every single sad hashtag coupled with several scoops of ice cream or ended the day soaking your pillow in tears. You've probably even heard of the legendary "it's not you, it'’s me" or "we're better off as friends" (ouch!). But hey, what's done is done and there's no use crying over spilled milk. Smile! You know you deserve so much better.

    • Friends and family. These people will never leave you just because they don’t like your new haircut. Tell them your stories. Pour out all those #feels. You know you can always count on them.
    • Becoming a better version of yourself. There's no sweeter revenge than seeing the priceless expression on your ex’s face when he sees the new and improved you. *evil laugh* So go ahead and try a new hobby. Join an org. Be the girl that deserves all the care and respect in the world.
  3. The Hopeful Romantic
    This is the part where you finish picking up all the pieces of your broken heart. Maybe you've even finished supergluing all the cracks together (kidding!). Whichever the case, your heart now looks good as new, save for a few tiny cracks which are beautiful lessons learned. At this point, you are now happily single. Congratulations!

    • Meeting new people. Who knows? [New] Love can always be just around the corner. *wink*
    • Optimism. See the world as full of possibilities to find your love, but never forget that you also live in the real world. Look for love, but stay true to yourself. :)

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