6 Signs You And Your Friend Have Reached Next-Level Friendship

"You've seen each other at your lowest points."
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 10, 2020
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Friends play a very major part in our lives, mainly because we virtually spend every single day with them in school. Through time (and a bunch of unforgettable experiences), some people would find themselves transcending into a whole new level of friendship. Here are some signs to see whether you and your BFF have reached a new stage in your relationship.  

You’re comfortable with silence.

Your hangouts do not always involve catching up and chit-chatting about the latest development with your happy crushes (although most of the time, this is what makes your hangouts so amusing!). Sometimes, basking in silence and in each other’s presence is already comforting for both of you.

You tell each other EVERYTHING to the point of TMI, but you don’t judge each other for it.

Your best friend is a deserving keeper of your secrets, as well as other petty, albeit TMI, aspects of your life. You know you’ve reached next-level friendship when you can casually talk about the TMI stuff—which you won’t be comfortable doing with just anyone.


Your parents treat your best friend like their own.

You’re together all the time and you even hang out at each other’s houses that your parents might as well just adopt your best friend into the family. When you come home alone from school, you won’t be surprised if your parents ask why your best friend isn’t with you.

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You tell each other the truth even if you know it’ll hurt, because you’re only looking out for each other.

Sometimes, we sugarcoat our words because we wouldn’t want to come off as hurtful to other people. But when it comes to your best friend, you’re not afraid to get real and spill some tea on each other’s faces, not because you want to hurt your bestie’s feelings, but because you believe the truth will help them for the better.

You’ve seen each other at your lowest points.

The true test of friendship arises when disaster hits. You know your friendship has reached the next level when you allow someone to see you—and help you—during your darkest days. No one would want to reveal themselves to just anyone during their most vulnerable moments, so letting your best friend see you at your lowest point means you’ve invested a huge chunk of your trust in them.


You’re starting to look alike.

People who spend so much time with each other would often get teased that they’re starting to look alike, but that’s not really what we mean by this. At some point in your friendship—no matter how different you both are from each other—there are some things you start to unconsciously adopt from your best friend. You might notice that you start to dress alike or adopt the same mannerisms. It’s like you have ESPN or something!

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