Signs It’s Probably Best To Break Up

"You love each other, but not in the same way as before."
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jul 18, 2020
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When it comes to relationships, bumps on the road are expected. Nothing is ever smooth-sailing, even the best and most stable relationships. But when you encounter obstruction in your romantic relationships, how would you know if it’s fixable and worth keeping or if it’s best to just break it off? There’s no one formula for relationships, but here are some signs to take note of when you’re trying to decide whether keeping the relationship is the best course of action or not:

You feel restricted in the relationship.

Relationships come with certain compromises, but not when you start to feel limited and almost controlled. When your partner restricts you from communicating with friends or dictates what you should or should not do to the point that it negatively affects your self-concept, then maybe it’s time to cut ties. 

Your conversations almost always turn into arguments.

Sure, you’re both willing to communicate about misunderstandings and disagreements. But if every conversation you have with each other constantly results in more disagreements instead of actually resolving previous ones, then perhaps it’s time to step back.


Rather than pointing out the problems to properly address them, you both might be trying to redirect the issue by attacking each other’s characters instead. It isn’t worth it to constantly drain yourself emotionally and mentally because of toxic quarrels that cannot be properly settled. 

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You’re only putting up with them because you’re afraid to be alone.

It’s a valid feeling to be scared of not having someone in your life who cares about you. Some find it hard to let go of the only person who they thought would have their backs. But not if it’s at the expense of your own well-being. If there’s nothing else in the relationship that’s making you want to stay, then maybe it isn’t worth it to put up with someone causing you distress.

You love each other, but not in the same way as before.

You might still care for the other person and want what’s for the best for each other. But maybe staying in the relationship for the sake of it isn’t the best setup if there’s nothing else beyond that. Maybe you can no longer connect with each other emotionally or your individual priorities in life started to differ.


IRL, love isn’t always enough. More often than not, there are other things that make relationships work aside from your love for each other, like respect, commitment, and circumstance, among others.


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