Show Some Celebri-ttude

Inherit the stars' best traits! Believe us, it's not a tough act to follow.
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Mar 4, 2012
photo courtesy of Giovanni Rufino/The CW (Gossip Girl)
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  1. Give yourself a onceover before heading out. Make sure you don't have something icky resting over your eyelids or greens stuck in between your teeth. You never know when you’ll bump into your crush!
  2. Spotted: Headline containing your initials on your school's gossip blog! Don’t even think about it. Who cares about rumors even if you think they’re about you? Lies die a natural death.
  3. Don't follow trends—start them! Everyone’s going curly? Then rock your straight hair. Three months down the line, they'll be the ones reaching for the iron!
  4. Have a paparazzi-ready smile. Who wants to see a scowl when looking through old photo albums, right? A cheery disposition is always a nice weapon to have.
  5. Save up your "talent fee" (a.k.a. allowance). Don’t just splurge any chance you get. You’ll definitely need that moolah for bigger, more important things in the future!
  6. Be fabulous! Who says you need to be a celebrity to enjoy A-list status? You’re beautiful—inside and out—and you've got an army of fans in the form of your friends. You go, girl!
  7. Keep memorabilia that’s very "you." You know, the type your "fans" would collect and put in their scrapbooks. It's nice to have a box of things that will help you remember the good times: a ticket from your first movie date, a ribbon from your first bouquet of flowers, a mix CD from your first boyfriend.

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