Shoe-in: 5 Factors for Choosing the Perfect Shoes for Your Debut

Consider these factors to help you pick shoes that won't fail you.
  |  Mar 8, 2015
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Dressing up your feet—especially for your debut—is surely a fun task. However, before you decide to wear high heel peep-toes or glittery stilettos with your gown, you may need to consider some factors. Check out our tips below to help you choose the right shoes for your debut. 

Gown elements & theme
While your debut gown will get the spotlight, your debut shoes can also have its share of attention. Complete your debut ensemble with a pair of shoes that complements your gown. If your dress is embellished with pearls, fabric flowers, beads or other adornments, you're good to go with simple yet elegant shoes. Nude pumps will never go out of style. If you're in the mood for something different, opt for a pair with a playful flair like metallic accents. You can let your imagination run wild as you pick shoes that match your theme. For example, wear flip flops or sandals to a luau-themed debut. 


Debut setting
It's difficult wear heels if your chosen venue will require you to walk on soil, cobblestones, or even sand. Consider the surface you'll walk on—the last thing you want is to teeter in stilettos because they sink in soil. Wedges aren't only comfy, they're also your best bet for uneven surfaces. 

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Heel height
Skip wearing sky-high shoes if you're not used to wearing heels in the first place. If you're wearing uncomfortable shoes, you will only look awkward as you walk or dance during your party. In case you have your heart set on wearing heels, opt for pairs with lower and chunkier heels for easier walking and dancing. Straps also provide extra support. If you're a quirky debutante, you may also sport a pair of sneaks or boots with your gown for a comfy yet spunky after-party look. 

Determine your budget before buying your debut shoes. If you intend to buy a trendy pair especially for your debut, or if you don't see yourself wearing those shoes after your party, stick to a reasonable budget. However, you may invest on a classic pair of neutral-colored pumps, since they will match lots of items in your closet. Whether you buy expensive or affordable shoes, make sure that you're not compromising quality.


Comfy shoes will never go out of style. Whether you choose to wear lace booties or peep-toe pumps, make sure that you will be comfortable wearing your chosen pair. Go shoe shopping in the afternoon, when your feet have already swollen and you can pick out shoes with a truer fit. After buying shoes, remember to break them in weeks before your debut so you won't get sore feet at your party.

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