Shake your Money-Maker!

by Judy M. Cruz   |  Oct 4, 2005
photos by Miguel Nacianceno * makeup by Ria Gamboa * styling by Chinggay Labrador
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Do you live to spend or spend to live? If you feel funny shop-a-holic butterflies in your stomach every time you get your allowance, then you could be in trouble. Allowances (although they come from Mom and Dad) are not an excuse to splurge! In fact, it’s a chance to start early, save up, and get ahead in the money game. But before you scream murder, read these simple tips and ideas that’ll get your moolah machine moving!

Stretch it out!
Warm-up with easy ways to give your allowance the stretch!
1. Bring your own baon. Imagine if you saved your lunch money for a whole week, you could be saving anywhere from P40-P50 a day—that’s at least P200 a week!
2. Keep a daily expense list. It’s a great way to know where your money is going. In just a few days you can analyze your spending pattern and cut out unnecessary purchases.
3. Get an empty five-gallon container of water, and make a small coin slot on the lid. Everyday, drop in all the coins and change that you have. Filling your 5 gallon bottle halfway with P1, P5, and P10 coins can land you at least P6,000. Be sure to seal it well so you don’t get tempted to use up your funds!

Business Smarts 101
Being a student, your number one job is to be excellent in school. But it doesn't hurt to make extra money on the side! Here are some ideas you can try out:
1. Cash in on your talent. Lots of ladies are cashing in on their craft and jewelry-making hobbies. You can also give basic piano lessons or babysitting services.
2. One girl's trash is another's treasure. In this online generation, create a free website account and sell your old stuff ukay-ukay style. Tell your friends about it by emailing them the link. You can clear your closet and polish your photography skills at the same time.
3. Rise and shine for Mr. Mang-bobote! Do you know that a mang-bobote and some paper factories will buy your used white paper for P4-P6 a kilo? Who knows what else your trash will go for!


.~'* GRAB THE MAG! *'~.

Read more of these money-saving tips at Candy's October 2005 issue!

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