School Traditions Only Atenistas Will Understand

What really goes on behind the doors of the land of the true blue?
by Julianne Suazo   |  Aug 26, 2016
Image: Mark Jesalva ART Clare Magno
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There are certain things that once you think of them, you can't help but be reminded of the Ateneo way. "That's so Atenean," some might even say. People often associate Ateneo with conyo students who have #ConyoProblems but the traditions that have grown from our own soil are truly only found in Ateneo, and nowhere else.

  1. Blue Roast

  • A long-standing tradition for seniors to make sure they leave no regrets behind, Blue Roast is a grand celebration wherein seniors are each given a chance to give the person who made the most impact in their Ateneo life a blue rose—whether it be a professor, a block mate, or a friend.

  • There are also several performances coming from organizations from the performance cluster of the university such as Company of Ateneo Dancers, Ateneo's Musician Pool and Blue Repertory. Lastly, there is also an awards ceremony where seniors are encouraged to nominate their fellow seniors for funny and cute awards.
  1. ProjectBlue

  • One of the biggest challenges Atenean face is enlistment. Undoubtedly the main source of stress right before the beginning of a semester, enlistment makes students anxious and wary of which professor they should enlist under. Like any other school, the term "terror professor" is not something new. As much as possible, students want to be assured of their choice of professor for the coming semester so ProjectBlue is the students' pre-enlistment hero.

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  • It is an Atenean-run website that allows students to write review about their professors where they can talk about the professor's teaching style, heaviness of workload, and other tips on how to survive the class. Since not all students learn the same way, ProjectBlue makes it easier for them to find a professor with a teaching style that matches the way they learn best.


  1. JSEC Challenge

  • A head-to-head competition that occurs thrice a year, JSEC Challenge is an avenue for business-minded students to venture into a new entrepreneurial opportunity with the university as a practice ground. Students are encouraged to group themselves into 4 or more and come up with a new culinary idea that will transform into a stall or business in the student cafeteria the year after.

  • On the following year, those business that come out victorious from the several JSEC Challenge phases are now responsible for a stall that serves food, drinks and snacks located in the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center (JSEC).
  1. OrSem

  • Every university has its own way of giving its new batch of freshmen a warm welcome but no one does it the way we do. People who play a big role in giving the freshmen an unforgettable experience, TnTs and SecMobs, undergo almost a month-long training to ensure the Atenean freshmen get the welcome they deserve.

  • Ateneo Orientation Seminar, more commonly known as OrSem, consists of campus tours, talks and sessions by the administration, performances by Atenean organizations, and group dynamics activities for block bonding. There is also the most awaited O-Night where mostly homegrown DJs showcase their talent for a night of fun before classes officially begins.
  1. Ateneo Trade

  • The students are known for being business-minded by heart and no matter what course they belong to. We are able to find ways to sell the work of our own hands like paintings and artworks designed by by the artistic Atenean, or even unconventional inventions such as a Pokemon Go catch helper by the inventive Atenean.
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