School Stress!

by Rachel Go   |  Nov 12, 2007
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School is a huge part of our lives. It teaches us how to make a living when we get older, how the world works, and arms us with social skills. School is the place where we make friends. It's where we're shaped through the chances we get to do great things.

It's also where we learn about things like sex and drugs. School is where we're most likely to feel jealous and so many other horrible emotions. We get opportunities to do the worst things. Chances are, if you ever there's a moment you could make a wrong decision, it'll be in a class party surrounded by the wrong kind of people. Many bad habits also start in school if you're not careful.

School is when we get the chance to develop our character through hard times and earn a stronger personality. We get shaped through our choices in school, so think before you act. Others get to know you by observing what you do, as well as what you say.

What to do in stressful situations:

  • When you're overloaded with school work, take two minutes to just breathe. Two minutes is just enough time. Not enough to take away from your study time, and enough to still wake yourself up and get yourself going again.
  • Keep water near when you're studying. It keeps you awake and gives you something to do every now and then when you feel like you can't take another second of studying. Plus, it's low-fat.
  • If you ever find yourself in a situation you know is wrong, like at a party, just walk out. Simple, easy, and safe.
  • Everything becomes simple when you stop caring so much about what people think.
  • Keep your cell phone with you at parties in case you need to call for a quick getaway. Put a trusted person's number on speed dial for fast help.
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