School Girl Woes: Surviving Hell Week 101

On the brink of having a nervous breakdown because hell week is right around corner? Fear not! Learn how to spin hell week in your favor with Candy!
by Julianne Suazo   |  Aug 5, 2013
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The harsh truth: everyone goes through hell week and deals with them in different ways. But one thing's for sure: every person's hell week experience may include tears, chocolate, and rage tweets.

Here are the stages of hell week and tips for each one!

  1. DENIAL. When you refuse to accept that you're going to be bombarded with heavy workload so you end up spending this week (that you should probably spend anticipating the upcoming hell week) out partying, relaxing and other activities with absolutely no relation to your schoolwork.
    TIP: Taking time out from dealing with schoolwork isn't a crime. In fact, I encourage it. But like all good things, we should not abuse it. Enjoy and relax but to a certain extent (and by "extent," I mean completely missing deadlines and throwing away your future and whatnot).
  2. AN INEVITABLE SLAP IN THE FACE COURTESY OF REALITY. This is the part where reality slips in and reminds you that you've completely and utterly wasted time and that you're doomed. Whoops, you're probably regretting that weeklong marathon of Friends now, huh. Fair warning: meltdowns are completely normal at this stage.
    TIP: By all means, let go. Let go of all the things bothering you—all the negative thoughts and overreactions about the amount of work that's needed to be done. Discipline, time management and motivation should be your best friends by this stage onwards.

  3. "EYE OF THE TIGER." When you reach stage three, "Eye of the Tiger" will be playing in your mind the whole time. Things start to turn around and you'll slowly let go of that chocolate bar you've been devouring for the past few minutes of panic. This is the part wherein you start to gain back your confidence in yourself and start attacking your workload slowly.

    TIP: Just don't get too overly confident and never ever submit things for the sake of compliance. No room for mediocrity in college, Candy Girls!

  4. SURVIVAL. You finally get back on your feet and realize you're facing hell week and you'll do absolutely fine. Sanity and normal sleep cycles slowly come back to you.
    TIP: CELEBRATE! You've gotten through hell week and you're still in one piece (I hope).  That calls for a huge mellowing down session and here are some ideas:
  • Have a movie night with all your favorite rom-coms and action movies with buckets of popcorn.
  • Go on a girls night out or foodtrip with your best friends.
  • Unwind with a really good book (find some on
  • Treat yourself to a mini-shopping spree!
  • Forget the whole world and just sleep for hours and hours.

What do you do to survive hell week? Let's swap tips!

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