S'cool Supplies: Fun Uses for Post-it Notes and Scotch Tape

They're not just for school projects. Use them for your next crafty creation!
S'cool Supplies: Fun Uses for Post-it Notes and Scotch Tape

Think school supplies are boring? Think again. You can come up with cool crafts using Post-it Notes and Scotch Tape. Check out these works of art:


Pixel Mural

Here’s a weekend project for you: Jazz up one wall or window in your room with a pixel-inspired mural using Post-it Notes. Be inspired by the design below. Then, take the fun up a notch by getting your BFFs involved. #squadgoals


Nail Art

Use Scotch Magic Tape for one-of-a-kind nail-art designs. Use the tape to cover a portion of your nail, and then paint away! Aside from nail polish in assorted colors, you’ll also need other trusty tools such as Scotch Multi-Purpose Scissors and Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser.

Nail art photo by Erica Zimmerman via Pinterest 

Mini Origami

The square shape of Post-it Notes makes these perfect for folding teeny-tiny origami creations. Up for a challenge? Try making an umbrella, a street lamp, a taxi, and more—and you’ll need just one Post-it Note. Origami artist Jenny W. Chan shares her how-tos on www.post-it.com.

You can also make your very own cherry-blossom trees!


Packing Tape Sculpture

Use Scotch Packaging Tape and cling wrap to make a “ghostly” sculpture. Just wrap an object (your “mold”) in cling wrap, and then cover it with several layers of packing tape. Using a razor, cut out holes so you can remove the object. See the complete steps on www.tapesculpture.org.

Courtesy of Scotch via Pinterest

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