Rock Your Body

It might not live up to the impossible standards of physical perfection, but your body is beautiful in so many unexpected ways.
by Regina Belmonte   |  Feb 26, 2012
photo by Patrick Martires
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Oily skin
Almost every teenager with oily skin goes through the torture of acne. But as much as you hate having pimples today, your overactive oil glands will make your face more beautiful tomorrow. The oil your skin secretes actually traps the moisture in, making it firmer and more supple, keeping it tight and youthful. As long as you continue to take good care of your skin, 10 years down the line, it will still be wrinkle-free!

Flat chest
Worried that you’re not even an AA-cup? Marveling at buxom bikini blondes? Don’t. While some are blessed with genes for large breasts, having bigger breasts causes severe back pain and poor posture for some women—sometimes, even spinal deformities. Having small breasts makes it easier for you to move around  and be active. Besides, it’s so much easier to shop for clothes because almost everything looks good on you!


Dark skin
The beauty of white skin is being advertised everywhere, but dark skin is actually something to love and be thankful for! Beauty is not limited to whiteness. Being morena is a good thing. It means there is more melanin in your skin—the natural pigment that absorbs UV rays, which (coupled with sunblock) makes your skin less susceptible to sunburn and skin cancer, and gives you the gorgeous island glow that some people have to lie in tanning beds for.

Yellow teeth
Don’t be upset if your teeth aren’t movie-star white. Most people have teeth that are naturally yellowish, off-white, or even grayish because of the different minerals in the layers of teeth. Using tooth-whitening products will burn off the top layer of enamel that protects your teeth, making them weaker and more sensitive to heat and cold, and possibly damaging your gums. Your yellowish teeth are stronger, and won’t make your smile any less beautiful.

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Having too much fat is dangerous and puts you at risk of heart disease, but you can’t expect your body to be fat-free. Women have a little more fat than men because our bodies are built to potentially carry children; we have an easier time storing fat, and a harder time burning it. It’s an important source of energy, and there are certain vitamins (A, D, E, and K) that can only be absorbed with fats. It also has a hand in keeping your skin and hair beautiful.

Thunder thighs
Your big hips and thick thighs are not the end of the world! It might surprise you, but it’s better that you gain weight in these areas because women who store fat around their stomach area are more at risk of dying of cancer and cardiovascular disease even if they’re not obese. Doctors are still not certain why abdominal fat is more dangerous, but some think it’s because more internal organs are exposed to toxins produced by fat. So love your pear-shaped bod!

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