Check Out This TikTok Content Creator Who Composes Songs Inspired by Her Followers

by Jessica Tambunting   |  Jan 18, 2022
Image: INSTAGRAM/rhythmkayoyco
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TikTok was one of the most downloaded apps of 2020 and 2021 worldwide, according to Apptopia. People use TikTok for a variety of reasons. Some may be idle scrollers who use it to pass the time, while others are active users who create content. 

For Rhythm Kay Carolino, she used this platform to help her move on from her breakup. Her friends persuaded her to try the app early in 2020 before the pandemic even started. At first, she was just creating dubbed videos and the likes. However, one of her followers noticed her speaking voice, and he requested for her to try singing. From there, she started singing songs that her followers would ask for.

Afterwards, she noticed that people’s comments were changing. “My followers were expressing their situations in my comment section. So, what I did before was parang, I would ask them, ‘Okay, give me four lines and tell me how you feel,’ so yung four lines na 'yun, I would try to make a song out of those,” shared Rhythm. She added that this inspired her to write her own songs.

@rhythmkay Reply to @beldeiii ? original sound - Rhythm Kay

Rhythm (@RhythmKay) currently has over 275,900 followers and 3.3 million likes on TikTok. What first started as a way to cope with a breakup turned into an avenue for her to share her music. She realized that the way she writes her music is akin to storytelling. She said that people associate her way of writing songs to Moira Dela Torre, who is also one of her inspirations. “Parang sabi nila [it is] very similar to how Moira would write kasi ganoon din siya, yung feelings niya, she would put it into a song,” she explained.


The topics of her songs are mostly about her insecurities and her hopeful outlook about them. “Parang sa first half ng song, I would tell [them] about my current situation, how insecure I feel, how bad I feel, but then, later on, there's hope, parang gano'n. It's my way of encouraging myself also,” Rhythm said. When she doesn’t write about her insecurities and about encouraging herself, she writes about love and “the wonders and magic of it,” as she describes it.

Regarding the future of her music, Rhythm’s goal is to, hopefully, release a song this year on Spotify. She admits that music production is her weakness, but she is trying to overcome this hurdle by seeking the help of her cousin, who is good at it.  

For now, you can listen to her short compositions on TikTok. Here are some of my favorite songs from her:

@rhythmkay Added new creators in this chorus i wrote months ago that started it all!! Hehe i love them so much @inkamagnaye @ninaellaine @anqelaken @eyavanana ? original sound - Rhythm Kay

@rhythmkay Pinakilig pero hindi niya inibig. #originalcomposition #opm #tiktokmusicph #tiktoknamamaskopo ? original sound - Rhythm Kay

@rhythmkay One of the songs I wrote last year!! Relate? Hahahaha #original #opm #tiktokmusicph ? original sound - Rhythm Kay

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