Rejection Tips Every College Girl Needs to Know

by Mira Blancada   |  Mar 20, 2017
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We have all been rejected more than once in our life and there's a huge chance it will happen all over again because that's how life works. Sucks, right? But being rejected isn't a sign to give up. It doesn't mean you don't deserve the things you want because you're not good (or smart) enough. Think of it as life's weird way of teaching you a lesson, which you can use to your advantage in the future. Instead of letting it consume you, think of it this way instead:  

  1. See rejection as an evidence that you tried.

Having regrets and what-ifs are much worse than being rejected; the feeling when you had a chance to try, but you chose not to because of your fear of rejection. Always remind yourself that rejection means trying, it means taking the risk. The result may not always be what you want, but at least you won't be upset because you had let go of an opportunity.


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  1. Deal with your emotions.

Accept that you got rejected and that you feel hurt, embarrassed, or disappointed. Acknowledge your emotions and deal with it. The more you deny what you're really feeling, the more you will feel defeated. Don't ever beat yourself up because rejection is a part of life, and remember that this is only temporary.

  1. Don't let it define you.

Your mistakes don't define who you are and the same goes with rejection. What defines you is how you react to it. Not getting into your dream school or org doesn't mean you're a failure. That's not how life works. Don't base your worth on someone's opinion of you even if they're in a higher position or the smartest in your class. It doesn't make everything they say true.

  1. Learn from it.

Take the rejection as something to prepare you for the next one because there sure will be more than just one. Learn from every rejection you've experienced and survived from and keep moving forward. Keep doing the things you know you do best because you have a purpose in this world. And you have a lifetime to figure out what it is.

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