Reasons Your College Friends Are For Keeps—Even After Grad

Just like in your darkest times, your college friends were there with you during the best days of your life.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Feb 15, 2020
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Admit it: College is both the best and the worst thing ever. But from the sleepless nights because of exam week to late nights out for org parties, your college friends were with you through it all. Our college experience may have an end, but here are a few reasons why we think college friends are forever!

You know each other’s deepest, darkest secrets.

That embarrassing crush you had on one of your professors, that moment you slipped on the stairs after class because you were so sleepy, that one bully you were hating on—your college clique knows them all. Whether we like it or not, these dark, albeit petty secrets are what bond us all (just kidding… but not really).

You’ve been through a lot of terrible things together.

Crying to each other after the worst exam of your lives (which you may or may not have failed) is practically a common occurrence for you guys. You’ve had one too many dark moments and have seen each other at your worst. Trying times often bring people together, and college clearly had a lot of those. 


Your best moments were spent with them.

Just like in your darkest times, your college friends were there with you during the best days of your life. Think of all the crazy, unplanned adventures you had together, all the all-nighters you pulled with heart-to-heart kwentuhan at the side. College is a hodgepodge of ups and downs—but you’re thankful your college friends were the constants.

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You grew together.

Not like the way you did with a childhood friend, though. In college, your friends know the struggles of failing (and bouncing back from that failure), of getting your heart broken by an ex (and realizing it was for the best), of having to budget your weekly allowance (because you were saving up for an upcoming get-together). Because of college, you guys blossomed into responsible young adults together.

You get to experience (and struggle with) adulting together.

The path to adulthood is not easy, and college is unofficially our entry point. Our college circle may be just as confused about taxes as we are, or as lost trying to find a decent first job! Adulthood is somewhat like college—only twenty-five times more intense—and your college friends will be with you through it again.


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