Read This If You're Beating Yourself up for Not Graduating on Time

You're only answerable to yourself and what you feel about the situation.
by Yana Kalaw   |  Sep 10, 2017
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When you enroll in college, it's implied that you'd finish on time. You don't enter college and think, "What if I don't graduate on time?" It's not common to think you'd be left out in the world of college while your batchmates set off to find jobs after graduation. But when requirements pile up one after another, keeping up with all the schoolwork becomes a challenge. Before you know it, you've failed a subject or two and would have to retake them. And the next thing you know, you're a year behind the prescribed curriculum.

And that's when it all sinks in: you're no longer graduating with your batch. But let me tell you something—there is nothing wrong with that. Sure, people will talk and some may even judge you, but who cares? It's what they always do anyway. They will ask questions as to why you won't be graduating yet and it will put you down, but don't let them get to you.


You're only answerable to yourself and what you feel about the situation.

Are you okay with not graduating on time? Are you ashamed that you are? Because, tbh, you shouldn't be. Yes, it's not something to be proud of but it's not something to be ashamed of either. You shouldn't let this obstacle stop you from working hard and eventually, getting that degree.

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Staying behind sure isn't something in your plans but trust me when I say that it's not the end of the world. Not graduating on time doesn't mean that you have failed. It means that you're given another chance in life to redeem yourself. So what if your batchmates graduate ahead of you? It's not about how long you finish school, it's about the journey and the obstacles that you encountered and how you handled them that will have bearing on how you work. 

Not graduating with your batch is only one of the many challenges that you will encounter in life. Instead of being sad about it, learn from it, finish what you've started, and do it with pride. 


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