Read This Girl's Response to "Taray, naka-crop top pero ang laki ng tiyan."

by Mara Agner   |  Apr 10, 2017
Image: Kayla Sowa
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"Maganda ka sana kung pumayat ka," "Taray naka-crop top pero ang laki ng tiyan," and "Mabuti nakakasuot ka ng ganyan kahit mataba ka" are just some of the statements Maru Guayco, 20, has been told by well-meaning family members, friends, and random people alike, which prompted her to write a lengthy post on Facebook addressing these.

"Honestly, I will never understand how being thin equates to being beautiful, or how the idea of being FAT is synonymous to being ugly, lazy, unattractive, or unhealthy. I actually am healthy. I never eat food that is too oily or has too much fat or sugar in it. I eat vegetables and fruits and there are certain foods that I may only eat in small amounts. So never tell me that fat is equal to unhealthy because some people are just fat. Period.

"I hate it when people tell me I would be pretty if I lose some weight or how I have a good sense of style even though I'm fat. Bullsh*t. Sometimes, I would even get hate from people who think I'm too confident with my body and for wearing clothes that 'only thin people can wear,'" she said.

"Yes, I am fat. No, I don't owe you ANY excuses for my appearance." 

Maru, who has always been the big girl in her class, and was called numerous nicknames ever since she was young ("They used to call me balyena or butanding."), has always struggled to be comfortable in her own skin. In fact, when she wrote about this powerful post, she was feeling insecure for eating more than she should have.


"Yes, I have bad days. Really bad ones...ang hirap. It's just hard when you already hate yourself for being you and people around you just bring you down even more."

"So please stop the hate. Stop the stigma. STOP FAT SHAMING," she finished.

As for her message to other fat girls, "Love the skin you're in! I know it's not that easy but life is too short to be our own enemies. Wear that crop top, skirt, shorts or that cute dress and I can assure you that you can wear it as well as the next girl."

Well, said, Maru!

Read her full post below:

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