Which K-Drama Leading Lady Are You From: Legend Of The Blue Sea or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo?

Take the quiz to find out!
by Mira Blancada   |  Jan 29, 2017
Image: MBC, SBS
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Have you ever watched a K-Drama and dreamed of being a part of it? Of course you have! K-Dramas are just so good at making us want to have a life like the lead characters in it, especially Legend Of The Blue Sea and Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo! But which of these two should you really be in? We made a quiz for you to find out!

What do you usually wear when you're on a date?

My pink dress with my favorite doll shoes! 

My favorite sweatshirt + leggings + black boots because there's a ninety-five percent chance we're just going to the movies. 

White overalls with my black Nike shoes.

Fit & flare skirt + stilletos; I want to look pretty for my beau! 

How do you react when you see a couple having a PDA?

The hopeless romantic in me is envious!

Ugh! Get a room, please?

Do their parents know what they're doing?


Hope my crush will notice me soon so we can do that, too! LOL! 

What do you do when someone is trying to flirt with your beau?

Cling on to him so much that the girl won't have a chance to flirt with him!

Keep all the jealousy to myself. 

Make him jealous, too! 

Confront the flirt because no one messes with me! 

What's your comfort food?

Sea food, specifically, fishes! 


Korean BBQ!


What's your favorite hairstyle?

I woke up like this. Literally, I just woke up and left the house without fixing my hair. 

Pigtails to frame my chubby cheeks, LOL! 

Just give me any cute hairclip and I'll be fine! 

Beach waves are my go-to!

What's your favorite place?

The beach. The sound of the waves calm me. 

This may be surprising, but I love the gym.

Restaurant because I love eating! 

Take me anywhere that has an aquarium, please! 

What's the one thing that makes you happy? 

Being with the person I love the most. 

Making my family proud. 

Eating, duh!

Cuddling with my beau. Hihi! 


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