How This Pinay's Quarantine Business Brought Her Closer To Her Stepdad

"Bloodlines are nothing when you don't know how to fulfill your responsibility as a parent."
by Ysabel Y. Yuzon   |  Jul 13, 2020
Image: Courtesy of Angela Ayson
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Many people have turned to home cooking and hustling in quarantine, and lucky are those who found a way to do both. Especially at a time when people are realizing the importance of having savings, starting a small business while you're young could be a good and fun way to learn not just about entreprenurship, but personal financial management.

Of course, our learnings shouldn't always be limited to financial insights, as proven by quarantine cook Angela Ayson. In a Facebook post, Angela wrote about how cooking for other people, which started as a way to make extra income while in quarantine, has become a means for her to feel connected to her family who lives abroad... particularly her stepdad, who served as a head chef in a restaurant in Japan for decades. 

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"Today I made meals for at least 13 people," Angela writes on Facebook. "That was seven hours of standing in the kitchen (lol idk either) and it IS tiring but it is rewarding when you like what you do, and I'm sure it's nothing compared to the eight hours that my stepdad used to spend every day where he cooks for at least a hundred people daily (he used to be a head chef).

"Just thinking about my stepdad working tirelessly in the kitchen to provide for his family (and his chosen family, which includes my brother and I) makes my heart swell. It's not something all fathers do. In fact, not everyone is even capable of being a father. Bloodlines are nothing when you don't know how to fulfill your responsibility as a parent."

Angela's mom married her stepdad when she was 10 years old. Since they are based in Japan, Angela hasn't seen them in almost five years. While travel continues to be restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like their family will have to wait a little longer before they see one another again. Until then, being a home cook is one shared experience she can have with her stepdad.


"I guess you could say there's a tiny and weird sense of achievement in learning and doing what my parents do. I don't intend to strictly follow the same route lol but it's something I treasure right now."


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