Why It's Okay Not To Pursue Your Passion As A Full-Time Career

What pays the bills may be different from what fuels the soul, and that's okay.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jan 9, 2020
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We’ve all heard of the famous adage, “Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” It may be applicable for some, but for others, it isn’t always the case. Don’t feel bad if your current course is something that isn’t related to your passions in life. You can still make a career out of it that’s meaningful for you. Hear us out, here are some reasons why it’s okay not to make a career out of your passions in life.

Not everyone has the means to.

The thing is, it usually takes the right mix of training, connections, and talent to earn substantially from creative careers. There's also a need for a proper portfolio, and not everyone can create an impressive one in a short time. Many opt for higher-paying jobs first because their passions alone cannot sustain them financially. Or maybe there just aren’t enough job opportunities at the moment for the the thing they love doing. You may choose to slowly build your career around your interests and take it step by step, but it’s also okay if your current full-time employment isn’t your main passion.


It's fine to have your passion separate from your job.

Some people actively choose a job that’s not at all related to their hobbies. For them, they refuse to see their passions as something they are obligated to perform and just keep them at the side as a form of recreation, and TBH, it makes sense. What pays the bills may be different from what fuels the soul, and that's totally fine.

Your passions in life may change.

As the complex, ever-evolving beings that we are, our interests aren’t limited to just one thing. You may be extremely invested in a certain field at the moment, but you may find yourself less interested in it in the future. It’s also possible for you to pick up new hobbies along the way.

Psychology Today points out that it might be risky to choose one of your passions as a career, only to find out that it doesn’t bring the satisfaction you expected. If you had chosen to devote your professional life to a field and you start to lose interest in it, what happens then? Will you shift careers, too? Or will you endure the dissatisfaction for the sake of keeping a job? Instead, the author of the article suggests to find something you can be passionate about in your current career, even if it isn’t necessarily your main interest.

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What we love isn’t necessarily what we’re good at.

Our love for one thing may not necessarily be on the same level as our skill in it. For instance, you may be overflowing with passion for dancing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re excellent at it. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from actively pursuing it and getting better at it, but it may not be something you essentially have to focus on professionally.

It’s also important to note your job does not necessarily have to be one of your passions in life in order to make it fulfilling. Finding meaning in the work you do can come in many forms. For some, job satisfaction can be derived from being good at executing your tasks, even if they don’t necessarily see the job as one of their passions.

We should keep in mind that the career path we choose must not only serve our personal interests, but also highlight our strengths and improve our weaknesses. Ultimately, it’s up to us if we want to pursue our passions professionally, but we must always remember that it’s okay, too, if we don’t.


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