Power of Three

This summer, take the time to get away on that much-deserved paradise vacation.
  |  Mar 6, 2008
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Make your way to Paradizoo Floral Garden & Theme Farm located in the rollicking pastures of Mendez, Cavite.

"THE POWER OF THREE" is Paradizoo's latest enticing celebration—a floral, vegetable and livestock fest that is all of fun, entertaining and educational at once. Some of the features you may wish to indulge in include: the ANIMAL PARADE, MIDGET COWBOY PROGRAMS, EM (EFFECTIVE MICROORGANISM) DEMONSTRATIONS, PRESTIGIOUS GREYHOUND RACING & COCKFIGHTING DEMOS, SHEEP SHEERING, HONEYBEE CULTURE, BUTTERFLY GARDENS & FLORAL ARRANGEMENT, FISHING, AND FERTILIZER CLASSES, among many, many others!

Amidst all these events and festivities, you and your family can sit and enjoy the magnificent view of live botanicals and animals over the comforts of specialty out-of-town cuisine, cooked and served fresh from Paradizoo's products themselves! For this one-of-a-kind experience you will surely not forget, "THE POWER OF THREE" runs till March 30, 2008. Paradizoo is open everyday from 9AM to 5PM, and interested parties may call 899-9819 or 899-9824 for inquiries and reservations.


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