POV: Being Feminine Doesn’t Make You Less of a Feminist

FYI, shaming conventionally feminine qualities is sexist as well.
by Leika Golez   |  Mar 31, 2021
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People usually think that being a feminist means rejecting conventionally feminine things such as makeup, fashion, and household chores. However, feminism actually seeks to destigmatize this very notion. Many people fail to realize that feminism is really about empowering women to choose how they want to express themselves. It’s about building a safe and inclusive space wherein women don’t have to be afraid of being judged for their own choices.

With that, here are some reasons why being feminine doesn’t necessarily make you less of a feminist.

Shaming conventionally feminine qualities is sexist as well

Sexism comes in many forms, and internalized misogyny is a common mindset that many unconsciously promote. Shaming feminine qualities does nothing but glorify masculinity further. Remember: Being feminine is not supposed to be insulting, and a gender-inclusive society respects both conventional and unconventional gender expressions.

You get dolled up because you want to

Kumander Liwayway, a beauty queen turned military commander, did her makeup and hair before leading the Huk rebellion into the battlefield. Let’s do away with the misconception that women only dabble in beauty to impress men. You wear a mini skirt because it makes you feel confident and beautiful, not because you want to satisfy men. You chose that look for yourself, so shouldn’t that decision be seen as liberating as well?

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Women can be both compassionate and ambitious

When the suffrage movement started in the early 1900s, men argued women would neglect their duties as mothers and caretakers if they were allowed to vote. This notion may not be as popular today, but some people continue to think that women can only focus on either family or work. Contrary to popular belief, however, women are capable of being both career-driven and family-oriented.

Feminism is concerned with systemic reform, not dissing femininity

You don’t have to look or behave a certain way to be a feminist. As mentioned earlier, feminism isn’t about man-hating and shunning ladylike qualities. Rather, feminism is about calling for systemic reform and women’s autonomy amid a patriarchal society. So don’t you dare let anyone tell you that your advocacy isn’t valid simply because you enjoy expressing your femininity.


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