Posing 101: How to Look Effortlessly Fab in Your Debut Photos

Look pretty and comfy in front of the camera with these tips.
  |  Nov 22, 2014
Photo by Nice Print Photography, from Yssa's debut
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Your debut is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and surely you want your photos to immortalize your most special day. While you've probably mastered taking selfies, it's another thing to pose for professionally taken photos. Fret not—just check out the tips below, and you'll be the leading lady of the lens in no time.

  1. Knowing which way to angle your face does wonders in looking your most beautiful in front of the camera. Find your best angle by constantly practicing in front of the mirror.
  2. Your eyes are the indicators if your face is symmetrical. If one eye is smaller, pose with your head tilted at an angle so that the asymmetrical discrepancy is less noticeable.
  3. Avoid being photographed with a double chin by jutting your chin out and elongating your neck. This generally works for shots with you facing the camera.
  4. Listen to what your mom has been telling you all your life: don't slouch. Stand or sit up straight so you'll look like you have a flatter stomach. Try to avoid side view shots if you have a bit of puson.
  5. If you have wide hips, stand at an angle to make your hips look narrower.
  6. To fake an hourglass figure, stand at an angle with one leg crossed over the other leg.
  7. To make arms look thinner, push your elbows away from the body. Keep a gap between the elbows and waist to highlight the hourglass figure.
  8. Lastly, smile! Because even if your double chin or puson shows, you'll be forgiven if you look genuinely happy. So think happy thoughts, and let your joy show in the photos!
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